Armstrong Valley winemaker, Caleb, tending to the fermenting wine

We focus on ensuring quality fruit in the vineyard to produce a wine for every palate.

Jake Gruver | Winemaker & Co-owner

Soil Steeped in Tradition

Our vineyard grows on farmland with a centuries-old story. In 1769, William Penn gifted the land to Robert Armstrong, the namesake of the valley where we’re located and the creek flowing through it.

Armstrong called it Gobatsburg Farm, and over time, the property was parceled out and sold. It remained divided until the 2000s, when our founders had a vision to reestablish the historic farm, acquiring around 100 acres of the original land. They developed a portion into a vineyard as a way to revitalize the property and share this beautiful place with the community.

Since we planted the first vines in 2009, we’ve been committed to managing the vineyards in a way that can continue for years to come. We love how wines around the world showcase a heritage of growing and winemaking practices, and we strive to create our own tradition in central Pennsylvania.

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